Nyssa Nite Rodeo - Open

 June 14 and 15, 2019    

June 18,19 and 20th 2015  

Our Board of Directors & Officers

President- Kim Speelman

Vice President - Nick DeLeon

Treasurer - Tawni Maxwell

Secretary - Amber DeLeon

1st Trustee -Josh Hewitt

2nd Trustee - Bryce Osborn

3rd Trustee - Jerry Allen
Queen Adviser- Tracey Boyle
Nyssa Nite Rodeo has been a long standing tradition in the Treasure Valley, 73 years and we are still is going strong, it is one of the earliest spring rodeo's. We have changed our rodeo dates a few times but still keep going back to the month of June.

Oregon Trail Rodeo Association is the core club that makes the Nyssa Nite Rodeo possible. Our members donate their time and energy to put on a great show ! We believe in the sport of rodeo, it's a family sport and the thrill of competition is kept alive.

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